Building Blocks to help you heal

You are not alone.

The Flash Technique

The Flash Technique is a  pre-EMDR protocol developed by Phil Manfield that is very effective at  helping individuals reprogram the brain so that specific triggers that  are likely to pull you into a hyper-vigilant state don’t do that  anymore.


The CART (Couples Activation Reduction Technique) is a highly effective protocol I developed that helps you de-activate triggers that would otherwise pull your partner into an overwhelmed state.  The technique uses loving eyes, hands, affirming words, and aspects of the The Flash Technique.  Heal your partner’s wounds rather than be a victim or their over-stimulated nervous system.


The PART (Personal Activation Reduction Technique) is a effective protocol I developed that can be personalized.  The technique uses “V” breathes, a personalized mantra, and butterfly hugs and aspects of The Flash Technique.  We also find other internal resources that you already have and leverage them into the technique (dancing, worship, you-tube videos, etc. — anything that lights your brain up in a preferred way).

Self Soothing Techniques

To prevent triggers from being triggering, do the PART, The Flash, or the CART techniques. . But if you are already triggered, the below techniques can be effective at shifting your physiological state. Click here for behavioral techniques, breathing techniques, and mental activities that can pull you out of the fight or flight part of your brain