Todd Harvey MFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

Helping you Navigate

Hi, I’m Todd Harvey!
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to use my skills to help people transform their nervous systems from being jacked and over-stimulated due to painful crap from the past.  I help people stabilize their nervous systems and live from resourced and grounded parts of their brain rather than the fight or flight / hypervigilant part of the brain.


  • I’ve participated in conferences and training with some of the leading Couples Counselors in the field including John Gottman, Sue Johnson, Dan Wile, Stan Tatkin, Rob Fischer, and others.
  • Hakomi Institute of California Professional Training Program 
  • Re-Creation of the Self Training by John Eisman
  • Attachment Training by the Hakomi Institute of California
  • Conferences on Marriage, (Focusing on Attachment and Infidelity)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)  – Trauma Level I and II trainings.
  • SE (Somatic Experience)  – Trauma – Training 1 – and Training 2
  • I also have participated in First Presbyterian Berkeley’s Counseling Center, (now Berkeley Christian Counselors), and have received training for a year at the Center for Psychotherapy, Spirituality, and Creativity.


MS in  Marriage and Family Therapy degree from San Francisco State.

I graduated from a post-masters graduate program from The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley (a 2 year post-masters psychodynamic training institute in Berkeley)

I also have a BA in Development Studies from University of California at Berkeley and a Masters in City and Regional Planning (focusing on Community Development) from the University of California at Berkeley.

Other Life Experiences

There have been many instrumental life “moments” that have created a huge impact on my life.  I would love to share them with you, and we can see just how similar we are, and maybe some ways to support you in discussing them.

Fun Facts:

  • I was the 155th person who thru-hiked the three 2,000+ mile trails:  The Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail, and The Continental Divide Trail.
  • I have rode my bike across the country on the Transcontinental Bike Trail (over 4,500 miles).
  • Now I have a family with a beautiful child.
  • I used to create affordable housing for seniors and low-income families, and homeless young adults.