Bay Area EMDR with Todd Harvey, MFT

EMDR Therapist

EMDR Therapist


I provide a therapeutic space for premarital couples, high conflict couples, couples with communication problems, and couples having that same old fight again and again.

1)  Premarital Counseling / preventative couples therapy

2)  Couples caught in negative fighting patterns with communication challenges.

3)  High Conflict Couples:  You love each other, but drive each other crazy!

4)  Co-founder of Couples-Boot-Camp, an interactive couples group with four to five couples that is fun and interactive.  It is a combination of “class” and experiential / practicing of couples skills.

5)  After couples are stabilized (learn how to be a stable loving empathic base for each other), I work with couples to work as a team to help each other heal their underlying personal work.  Basically, I have found that doing individual work in the context of couples therapy can be more transformative and more quickly than individual therapy.

6)  I am also trained in how to work with people that have PTSD from trauma with EMDR.  And I also do individual depth therapy from a relational psychodynamic perspective.